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                                 GUIDELINES FOR OPTIMIZING IMAGES



  • Use JPG Format

  • JPG Quality: Use JPG quality of 80 - 90 (for a scale from 0 - 100) or 10 - 11 (in Photoshop). Using higher values does not improve the image quality, it simply makes the file bigger.

  • Save for Web: Do NOT use any Save for Web or Export for Web options. These options reduce the image quality in order to make it smaller.



  • Pixel Size: Uploaded images should be at least 3,000 x 3,000 pixels. Most cameras do generate larger images than this. See the table below for more information. Uploaded images should be no larger than 10,000 x 10,000 pixels.
    Note: If your image is less than 3,000 X 3,000 pixels, do not attempt to enlarge it as this decreases the quality.

  • Resizing: In general, you should NOT resize your images before uploading them.  The only exception to this rule is if the original image is larger than 15MB. When this is the case, we recommend resizing the image in Photoshop before uploading it.

  • Avoid image sharpening.


For any of you who like me, may not have a picture of your enrolled dog with a particular take, it is possible to double expose a film or even a digital picture. Don't ask me, ask YouTube I don't know squat about photography!


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