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         STORY BANDS



1st of Species in State:

Your dog's first of species, in each state, is eligible for a Story Band, a badge on "The Take" and notice on his/her "Hunt Pedigree" page.

"1st of Species" bands are color-coded leather, laminated over an aluminum band. Each band is lazer engraved with: Species of Bird, State Taken, Date Taken, Dogs Name, Age at time of take, and the Owner's Initials.

Leather colors follow the family groups of upland birds, with a few exceptions. Your dog can get "banded" for the same species of bird in as many different states as you take that species in; however, you can not receive duplicate 1st of Species Story Bands, ie: same dog/species/state.

Cost: $35 for two (2) identical leather over aluminum Story Bands. (All Story Band prices Include shipping to continental US)

State Daily Bag Limit:

The first time you take a state daily bag limit, of that species, in that state, and with the registered dog, you're dog will be eligible for a "State Daily Bag Limit" Story Band, a badge on "The Take" and notice on his/her "Hunt Pedigree" page.


"1st State Daily Bag Limit" bands are color-coded wood veneer to match the 1st of Species bands. The veneer is laminated over aluminum and laser engraved with: Species, Number Taken, State, Date Taken, Dog's Name, Age at time of take, and Owner's Initials. 


Your dog can get "banded" for the same species of game bird in as many states as you take that daily bag limit in. No duplicate, ie: same dog/species/state.  "State Daily Bag Limit" bands will be awarded.

Cost: $35 for two (2) identical wood veneer over aluminum Story Bands. (Includes shipping to continental US)

Multiple Species:

On any day that a member takes three (3) species in a single day, that member is eligible for a "Multiple Species" Story Band, badge and notice on dog's hunt pedigree page. Identical repeat Multiple Species Story Bands are eligible for registration as long as they're taken in different seasons/years. 

Cost: $35 for two (2) identical black leather over aluminum

Story Bands.(Includes shipping to continental US) 


In the event that a member takes four (4) or more species in the same day, the Multiple Species Band will be FREE!*

* The member must have previously paid for each of the single species included in the take, and in that state, by that dog, to be eligible to receive the free Multiple Species Band.  


Cost: FREE!, two (2) identical, purple leather over aluminum Story  Bands. (Includes shipping to continental US)

Recall Bands (Story Bands for Hunts Past): Not a category, but an opportunity!  I suspect that like myself, many of you have traveled to states and taken birds that you may never revisit during the lifetime of your current dogs. I'm happy to announce that Story Bands issued for hunts past are available. Just email "Administrator" with list. See following restrictions:

1. Notice of intended awards must be submitted within 60 days of      dog's enrollment.  (Don't worry, we'll send you a reminder)

2. Payment must be received within one year of membership or           intention will be voided.

3. Payment may be submitted and bands received individually. 

(Leave hints around the house as Story Bands make excellent Father's Day, Birthday and stocking-stuffer gifts!)

Cost: $35 for two (2) bands identical to regular Story Bands.

Remembrance Bands: (For dogs that have passed)


Because we owe them. We owe them recognition. The story of the life that we shared deserves to be retold, in remembrance.

Other hunters have horns and heads on their walls. Reminders of hunts and magnificent animals they had only a passing relationship with. Our dogs lived and hunted beside us for years and made us the men and women, the hunters, we are today.

Your dog will also receive Remembrance Badges and a Hunt Pedigree listing linked to your current dog's Hunt Pedigree page. 

Out of respect for your dog that has passed, My Dog Hunts offers these Remembrance Bands for a very affordable fee:

"Remembrance Bands" are identical to standard Story Bands.

Cost: Single band $16 or $25 per pair. (Includes free shipping as above.)

Disclaimer: I am not normal!!! Please don't be intimidated by the multiple limit categories listed below. I've spent many years attempting to take various "dual limits" in an effort to show fellow upland bird hunters that "the good old days" of upland bird hunting are not in the past. Some of the best upland bird hunting this country has ever known is still available to today's freelance hunters. My hope has been for you to realize that if I can shoot out of state dual limits within my strict personal guidelines and on the earnings of a fireman, there are no tangible obstacles to your having successful freelance bird hunts of your own.    


I've never paid a fee to bird hunt and do not own or lease land. I don't swap hunts or hunt on the land of friends. All of the dual limits I've recorded have been self-made, self-planned hunts on public and private land, with the vast majority of my dual limit hunts either partially or totally taken on public lands.


I've gained access on all of the private land I've hunted as a stranger knocking on doors. I don't gift landowners or offer any exchanges. I'm not proud of that fact, it's just that I want everyone to understand that every acre I've ever hunted has been and may still be available to each and every one of you. 

I hope to see these multiple limit Story Band pages fill with member hunts and stories. I know I still have a few more trophy hunts that I hope to accomplish before my current dogs retire.

 Randy S.

REQUIREMENTS FOR RECEIVING FREE STORY BANDS: Eligibility for free dual limit Story Bands requires possession of related "1st of Species in State" and "State Daily Limit" Story Bands.  Example: Say you took a combination limit of pheasants and sharptails in South Dakota. In order to receive the free combination limit Story Band, you must have, or applied for, both the 1st of Species and State Daily Limit Story Bands for pheasants and sharptails in South Dakota. In  short, My Dog Hunts can't give away free Story Bands without the purchase of some Story Bands. Of course, you may skip any of the "pre" bands and elect to pay for any of the normally free bands. If you elect to skip the above requirements for free bands all Story Bands listed below are $35 per pair. (As with paid Story Bands, even free Story Bands include shipping. So free bands are truly free!)

Combination Limit Story Bands: 


A "combination limit" is a state daily bag limit, of two different species of birds, in the same day. For example 6-chukar partridge and 10-valley quail in Nevada in the same day. Or for those of you who hunt different states in the same day, all birds constituting each limit must be from one state, however you can take each limit from different states. For example: 3-prairie chickens in S.D. and 3-sharptails in NE in the same day. Then reversing the order and taking 3-prairie chickens in NE and 3-sharptails in SD would be a "new" combination limit!

Combination Limit Story Bands are laser marked in solid aluminum and each original Combination Limit Story Band is FREE including shipping! Any identical repeats are for a fee and each must be taken in a different season/year. And member must have purchased corresponding 1st of Species and 1st State Daily Limit bands prior to receiving free bands.  

Double Limit: 

A double limit is a state daily bag limit of the same species of birds in two states, in the same day. For example: 2 pheasants in Minnesota and 3 pheasants in South Dakota, in the same day.


Double Limit Story Bands are laser marked in solid Copper and each original Double Limit Story Band is FREE! Including shipping! 

Duplicate Double Limit bands are for a fee and must be taken in a different season/year. 


REMEMBER - Member's dog must have the corresponding "1st of Species in State" and "State Daily Limit" bands to be eligible for any free Story Bands.

Triple Limit:

A Triple Limit is three (3) state daily bag limits, taken in the same day. These limits can be taken in the same state or various states, however, as with all dual limit bands, each bird constituting a species limit, must have been taken in the same state. Also, the enrolled dog must have all corresponding first of state and state daily bag limit bands to be eligible for free Triple Limit Story Bands.

Triple Limit Story Bands are laser marked in solid brass and all original Triple Limit Story Bands are FREE!

All requirements for combination and double limit bands apply to Triple Limit Story Bands


NOTE: All Story Bands are issued in pairs. One band for your dog's lead and another as a display band. Each band is laser burned with personalized text identifying the species of bird(s), number taken, state of take, your dog's name, age, date of take, and lastly, your initials. 

"Remembrance Bands for Past Dogs" are available as pairs or singly. We will provide instructions on how to "weather" your new bands if you wish to display them as having been worn.

Always: My Dog Hunts discourages members from "camping" on birds for the purpose of accumulating Story Bands. We will not award identical bands during the same hunting season/year. Not as free or for a fee bands.


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