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'YOTEY BEARS - Wild Fur Teddy Bears

'YOTEY BEARS - Wild Fur Teddy Bears

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BEAR UP! and save some birds!


Real wild fur Teddy Bears that “Rough Riders” like Hemingway, Roosevelt and Rouark, would have perched on their mantles. A whiskey toast to the days when men wore ties to dinner, smoked cigars in the house and preached and fought about honor.


Recycled coats!? Not so! If we were looking for an Al Gore Greeny Award, our bears would be recycled from Nana’s old fur coat like the little old ladies on the internet do. A hunter’s home is no place for stale, penraised, critter pelts. We guarantee these furs to be fresh, wild trapped and hunted, from the fields, plains and timber where you do your bird hunting.


But wait! We do deserve an Al Gore Greeny Award! Each 'Yotey Bear is not only sewn by hand, but the body is framed with a skeleton of 2" Poplar, and the arms, legs and head all swivel 360 degrees on Poplar and rare earth magnet joints. Lastly, we don't stuff our bears with that dime store polyfill. Our bear bodies are stuffed with excelsior. (You remember excelsior from when you were a little tyke. That wood-fiber "grass" in your Easter Basket was excelsior.) So you see, there's nothing synthetic or non-renewable in our bears. "Hello, is Al listening?"


Remember, ’Yotey Bears” ain’t for kids. No prissy, silk ribbon, eye lashed, rag muffin, drag across the floor sleep toys. These are a man’s bear. But be warned, the girls love them too. If you aren’t prepared to defend your bear as if it’s your wallet, you won’t have it for long. 


This is your opportunity to take back what the fox, coyote, possum and coon have taken from your bird hunting. “Bear Up!” and save some birds!


‘YOTEY BEARS are available in two sizes:     

Big - Pope & Young (16”) $250 and

HUGE - Boone & Crockett (30”) $650


Choose between coyote, raccoon, red or gray fox and black opossum. All of our pelts are fresh, winter prime, U.S. furs, commercially tanned at Moyle Tannery in Heyburn, Idaho. Moyle is the finest wild fur tannery in the U.S. and 'YOTEY BEARS are the finest wild fur teddy bears,100% made in America. 


    Real wild fur 


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