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    Story Tellers are picture and pillar displays for your collection of keepsake Story Bands.

    Story Tellers come in a variety of configurations in your choice of 100% solid mahogany or oak. Each Story Teller offered is unique and priced individually. 


    I personally craft each Story Teller. 


    I have several smaller frames at 5"x7" in both, one-sided, wall mount ($60.00)  and 2-sided, desk/mantle ($100) and I'll get pictures posted soon. 


    Note: I do have a few "2nds" either with a minor fault that isn't worth a redo, or one offs with design changes. I'd love to clear those out of storage if anyone's interested in saving some money and still receiving a piece of custom decor. Send me a note at administrator.  

    • 2nd Picture (w/Lab & Chickens) $160.00

      Like everything offered in my store, I designed and hand-made this Story Teller. This double sided shelf/desk model was one of my earliest designs. The piece is 100% solid oak with back to back horizontal 8"x10" picture frames and weighs 8lbs! Of course one frame is removable to facilitate changing photos, and secured in place with rare earth magnets.

      The pillars are removable as well displaying up to 17 Story Bands per side! The top of each pillar rests in a pocket in the cornice and the bottoms have a rare earth magnet adhering to a recessed metal disk in the base. Finished with "Cabernet" oil stain, multiple coats of semi-gloss lacquer and padded felt pads to protect your furnishings.

      I don't anticipate making more of this style. Simply too much extra work adding the cornice on top and removable pillars.

      This Story Teller is priced at $160.00 plus shipping calculated at checkout. Additional photos are available upon request. 

    • 3rd Picture (Springer & Hun) $120

      This is the newer version of the shelf/mantle Story Teller frieze frame. I eliminated the cornice top and secured the pillars. The picture frames are still 2-sided and 8"x10" with horizontal orientation. I maintained the same magnet fastening of a removalble frame to allow insertion of photographs.

      These pillars are shorter than the model with the cornice cap and display up to 15 Story Bands per side 

      Again, 100% solid oak, cabernet stain, semi-gloss lacquer and felt feet under the base. 

      $120.00 plus shipping, calculated at checkout. 

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