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  • The PORTAL

    SKU: 671253175371

    Crown molding is last year's, design element. Don't make that mistake. 


    Defying conventional cabinet design and placement, the Portal melds into your walls and ceiling converting a once non discript corner into the focal point of the room. The "black sky" interior of the Portal highlights your collectable, artifact or taxidermy in a museum quality setting. 


    Who would think that for less than the cost of plastic crown molding, you can turn all heads to your display in a non-descript corner of a room.


    Providance: The Portal, pictured above, is the only one in existance. As creator and maker, I will craft a limited number of Portals, signed, numbered, dated and indelibly marked with the buyers name.   


    Design & Construction: 

    The entire interior of the cabinet is lined with black felt. The visual effect is of a "black sky", depthless void in the corner of your room. And I'm sure you'll agree that nothing adds a more stunning effect to your taxidermy mount or keepsake piece, than the appearance of floating in space.   The body or "carcass" of the cabinet is constructed of 1/4" baltic birch plywood. All eighteen lineal feet of the sides and top of the carcass are joined with continuous box joints. With an interlocking finger every 3/8", you won't find stronger, lighter or more visually appealing joinery on any custom cabinetry. I'd include a video of the Portal being dropped from a rooftop, but it would probably just float away. 


    The triangular face frame is available in Mahogany, Rift-Sawn White Oak or American Black Walnut and secured with three solid brass machine screws. This process ensures that the Portal can be moved repeatedly without the fastening system loosening.  And of course non-reflective glass protects the enclosure.


    As stated, the "Portal" pictured here is the only one ever made. I would be proud to create the second Portal just for you.

    • How to Hang Your Portal

      Any taxidermist and most homeowners with a few tool skills, are able to secure the mount, artifact or collectible in the cabinet without added base support. Mounting is equally possible from the top or sides. Use your imagination, as you can suspend items with included 60# test black fishing line. The cabinet is so light in weight, that only three sheetrock screws are needed to fasten it to your wall.


      Please contact me with any shipping damage or problems. I'll gladly refund for any construction or craft defects. Measure your space carefully as any return for non-damage reasons the buyer shall pay all costs. 


      Both the Portal and QC are shipped by common carrier as they exceed USPS, Fed EX and United Parcel size limits. Buyer will pay actual shipping charges and $40 for crating.  

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