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    It's a simple concept ignored by most cabinet makers. They're all about their cabinet being the focus. They believe that a simple glass pane morphes any ole wood cabinet into a display cabinet. Not so at Idium. 


    At Idium, I design equally for function, space utilization, originality and construction:

    * The function of the cabinet is to emphasize the display 

    * Specifically designed to utilize the least used spaces in your home 

    * Incorporate a pleasing complexity of angles that draw your eye to the interior

    * Fabrication techniques ensuring the strongest, lightest weight cabinet possible


    I considered the fact that everyones' eyes naturally focus on the center of a wall. Afterall that's where builders locate windows and most people center their art and furniture when a window isn't present. Accepting that you already have something occupying this space I chose to capitalize on areas previously ignored. All of my cabinets are wall hung because the visual spaciousness of a room is determined by clear floor space, and everyone likes a larger appearing room.



    • Design & Construction

      Like The Portal, the carcass of the QC is 1/4" Baltic Birch ply with box joint, joinery. The top and bottom of the cabinet is 1/2" furniture grade mahogany ply set at a 20 degree top angle and abreviated 12 degree bottom angle. The face frame ingeniously conceals all ply edges and leaves the observer wondering just how you access the interior. I include a suction device for handling glass with each cabinet that is used to lift the floating top off the cabinet.  Now you have full access to the inside without any hardware. 

      The drop-in false top and entire inside is lined with black fabric again creating a "Black Sky" depthless, interior.   

    • Hanging Your Quarter Carat:

      Unfortunately, this is a two person task. 


      1) Determine your preferred mounting height, (Placing the bottom at 44-48" off the floor gives you a nice eye level view of the interior)

      2) Fasten either the supplied solid brass or solid copper, pre-drilled "pocket" into the corner.

      3) Have the assistant help you place the bottom of the cabinet into the pocket and push the top against the wall corners. 

      4) From a step stool, and with a electric drill drive supplied self drilling screws through one of the predrilled mounting holes on each side of the cabinet and into the house walls. These screws will temporarily hold the cabinet in place while you locate wall studs for your permanent anchoring screws. 

      5) Decorate your cabinet interior, and drop in the false top, fabirc side down.

      6) Use the supplied suction device to pick up the face top, and guide it into place with your hand and the suction device.

      7) Wow! You're finished!!


      Both the Portal and QC are shipped by common carrier as they exceed USPS, Fed EX and United Parcel size limits. Buyer will pay actual shipping charges and $40 for crating.  

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