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Paid Dual Limit & Multi-Species Story Bands

Paid Dual Limit & Multi-Species Story Bands

These Story Bands can be ordered as paid Bands if you choose to not purchase the preliminary "1st in State" and "State Daily Bag Limit" or "Multi-Species (4+)" Story Bands.


See "Free Story Bands" for materials.  

  • Care of Story Bands

    Please consider that your Story Bands are veneered with real wood and genuine leather. These materials are organic and should be expected to react when exposed to outdoor elements and abrasion. The Bands displayed on your dog's lead will wear over time and may one day become difficult to read. This is desireable. You wouldn't display a new lead in remembrance of a bird dog that has passed. You'd want the lead to represent the life your dog lived, and so should these Story Bands.

    That's why Story Bands are issued in pairs. You'll receive a second, keepsake Band for display at home or work.

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