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We know it shouldn't happen with all the hours of training and experience, but sometimes our dog fails to mark the fall. We hustle over to the spot that maybe even we should have marked better, and hope for a fast retrieve. But somehow the search circle keeps widening and still no feathers until your not sure if you're even close to where you thought the bird fell.


Wouldn't it be nice to have a strip of orange surveyor's tape with an aligator clip to attach to grass, weed or brush where you shot and another to clip where the bird fell? Then when your wanderings need to be reoriented you can easily return to your shot for a renewed sight picture or just to pick up your empties.


Fewer lost birds, abandoned empties and less grief inbetween.  Gotta get a couple of these!


I doubt that you can have enough Dead Bird Flags clipped to your torso to meet state hunter orange requirements but a couple clipped in your hair could make your doo more manageable in a heavy crosswind. 


Aligator clip with a 1-1/4" by 8" long orange flag printed with:


"My Dog Hunts  DEAD BIRD!"


Note: Pick up a couple of these for your buddy who can never seem to mark his birds!

  • Trainers and Trialers!

    These flags make excellent marks for your planted birds and blinds!

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