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The obvious intent of Story Bands is to tell the story of the most important hunting days in your dog's life. But there's also communication demonstrated in the band colors and materials. I like to think of the colors and materials as conversation starters.


I could have used plain aluminum bands as used for migratory birds, but then everyone's display would look exactly the same when we and our dogs are individuals. I've used color to define the families of birds you pursue and different materials to show the depth of your pursuit.  

Any dog with various band colors demonstrates an owner who is obviously not species specific in his hunts. Possibly an opportunist or someone pursuing as many different species as time and fortune allow.  A dog with bands of a predominate color has more defined or geographical interest.  

Each band color represents a family group of birds:

                                                           Green      - Grouse

                                                           Yellow      - Quail

                                                           Red          - Pheasant/Partridge/Ptarmigan

                                                           Blue         - Migratory Marsh

                                                           Purple     - Migratory Upland   

                                                           Brown     - Fall Turkey

                                                           Orange    - Specialty Species


And the design materials tell the depth of your pursuit:

                                                           Leather      - 1st of Species in State

                                                           Wood         - State Daily Bag Limit

                                                           Aluminum - Combination Limit

                                                           Copper       - Double Limit

                                                           Brass          - Triple Limit

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