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1.    Fill out form below. (Don’t sweat it if you can’t recall

        your license number  just type a few 1’s in the

2.    Type your favorite MDH podcast title in “Podcast

        Discount Code”.  If you're a referral, type the name

        of your friend in the Podcast code so he/she can be

3.    Click “Submit”. (You don’t need to click “Go to Checkout).
4.    If you’re one of the first ten submissions, you’ll receive a free pair of “1st of                           Species in State” Story Bands!
5.    If you'd like a 2nd free pair of Story Bands, contact a friend to join MDH and have                  him/her fill out form.
6.    Now you just won a second pair of “1st of Species in State” Story Bands and                           your friend won his/her free pair!
7.    For verification, each of you must email a picture of your dog with the species of                 bird in the take. That’s it!  Email to  or                            You can also contact me at either address with any                   questions. 
8.  I’ll create a Story Band Badge on My Dog Hunts, “The Take” for all valid entries!

The sooner you submit, the more time you’ll have to refer a friend. I must receive all entries and referrals by 11:00 pm, August 30, 2020. It’s ok if you don’t want to make a referral, you’ll just receive the one pair of Story Bands. 

I’ll notify winners via email before I leave at midnight, the 30th, for Nebraska and the dove/prairie grouse opener!

                                                                         GOOD LUCK!! 

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1st of Species in State



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